25 Sep


Weekend Desireables

25 Sep


Men to interest your gential area!.

4 Sep

These men are provided for your stimulation so enjoy!!.


Sexually Dangerous

1 Aug



1 Aug


You look Fierce bitch!!!

11 Jun

Amanda Lepore looks really good in this shot posted on facebook!…. the hair is less Marilyn Monroe and more classic in design. I’ve always had a soft spot for Amanda,maybe because she is the ultimate in cosmetic surgery!, but maybe a bit too much for some!.

The death of Chester

21 May

I used to love Chester with all its quaint possibilities and such delightfully beautiful buildings and avenues, it was never a place for buying designer clothes or somewhere to kick back and people watch in a uber trendy environment because that’s just not what Chester is about!. Chester has always been about attracting tourist into its web of past ancient roman life or giving them glimpse into a quintessential English life.

Today is totally a different story and a sad one,buskers are left to rape the ears of shoppers with above normal level of noise (music), streets look grimy and littered with dust from continual road and street work and the killer punch is the amount of trashy commoners that seem to want to “zombie walk” into “real” retail junkies!!.

I’m not a snob but I do not want them too close to me where I feel like I need to bleach my body free from the smell of cheap nasty clothes or the stink of their armpits and cigarette smoke.

I think I will have to shop elsewhere to breathe in a lung full of style and exuberance and give my eyes a lasting and well deserved cleanse from the sight of total lack of style that the majority of people in Chester seem to possess!.

All that needs to be said is R.I.P Chester!!!.